Does anybody here use Hazel for the Mac? I have been using it for a couple of years, and its awesome, just wondering if some creative soul, has found an interesting way to integrate Hazel with Agenda?

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That’s an interesting question. Hazel looks at things going on in files and folders, and since we do not interact with those directly when using Agenda, I’m not sure if there’s a role for Hazel. On the other hand, there’s definitely a role with Agenda for macro-based or text-completion utilities like TextExpander, Typinator, Keyboard Maestro.

Thanks for the reply, I was thinking a role could be tagging certain files, from (clients in my case) to attach to notes previously opened and in Agenda. So for example response to emails, anything to do with a specific project with that specific client, etc…

Hazel is able to run AppleScript or JavaScript actions when executing rules. That way it should be possible to leverage Agendas x-callback-url interface in order to create notes or append file attachments to existing notes based on files that fulfill certain criteria. Needs a bit of tinkering though…

I use this to export notes as Markdown and automagically copy to the clipboard a list of open tasks. Once per week or so I do some analysis of my pending tasks with Focus Matrix.


That’s pretty cool, it’s a great solution. So that Apple script you have on the Hazel Download Panel is what I need to get into the agenda callback URL, and from there open on agenda overview? That would be cool, once in the agenda, I can assign to a specific project or client. Thanks!

don’t have Focus Matrix, but looked it up, and seems quite interesting. Thank you

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