Having completely separate workspaces or work areas

Good day all,

I am just recently returning to Agenda. Love the app very much, it’s helped me to streamline and focus on being more productive.

Suggestion incoming!!

One thing that I wish was available, was one option the tool I used before coming back had, which was to enable me to have separate workspaces. For example, having a agenda for my work and one for my personal.

Many times I do screenshares and I don’t want to have others see my personal projects alongside my work. So having seapate workspaces to keep those segmented for me would be so aweesome. I’m not aware if that’s possible but I couldn’t fine a way.

This way when I’m at work the only visible projects would be work, I would then select my home workspace and then those would show. Etc.

Thank you guys,

Keep up the amazing work

It is already possible to some extent. Agenda supports Apple’s focus. So you can make a focus state for Work/Home/Presentation etc. You can then assign categories to each focus state, and it will hide the other stuff when in that mode.

Note we also have privacy controls coming soon, which will hide content unless you enter a password. Could also help with sensitive notes and projects.