Hashtags and tags

Hi! I’m new to Agenda and I really like it (I’ve purchased the premium version both for Mac and iOS). The only issue that I found is with hashtags and tags. Since I use it to schedule my posts for Instagram and YouTube, I haven’t found a way to copy and paste hashtags and tags from Agenda to my socials. Is it just me or is a missing feature? Thanks!


Glad to hear you like Agenda so much! When you want to copy the tags to your socials, do you mean in the form #somehashtag, i.e. a hash symbol plus the text of the tag? That should just work or not? Can you show with screenshots perhaps what the workflow is that you try to achieve?


Yes, I mean in the form hash symbol plus the text and @ plus the text. If I copy the text from Agenda and paste it on Instagram the symbols # and @ disappear, unless I put a space between the symbol and the text, but it’s too much work for me.

I attach you a video to show what I mean.

Thank you,

(Attachment RPReplay_Final1612249812.mp4 is missing)

I think I solved it by doing share and then copy as text! I selected and copied it before, but with this process it also copy # and @. The only issue that i still have is that it copies the entire note, but I only want a part of it.

Unfortunately the video didn’t come through, could you email it to alex@agenda.com? Also, not sure if you have the premium features but if so one thing that would probably work is if you choose Edit > Copy As > Markdown, or if Instagram supports this, use Edit > Paste and Match Style

Yes, I have the premium version. I sent you the video by email. Thanks!

Ah, got it, thanks! I now see what the problem is. We will try to make this work better but not sure whether it is possible. In the mean time the workaround is the only way I can think of indeed.

Great! Thank you so much!