Has anyone figured out how to link from Notion.so to Agenda

I like Agenda’s ease of use as it’s great for meeting prep and notes (I do a ton of meetings and my brain tends to think “calendar” instead of “to-dos”). That said, I use Notion.so to organize larger projects.

I’ve not been able to find a good way to link from Notion.so to Agenda using the Agenda note link (e.g. agenda://note/12345) as Notion does not want to recognize anything that does not start with https:// or that is not one of their existing app integrations. I’ve searched this community and haven’t found anything squarely addressing this topic.

Has anyone figured out a workaround for this?

We do have a web redirection you can use for agenda://. Just use this…

Instead of agenda://note/12345



Ie replace agenda:// with https://accounts.agenda.com/agenda/

Not ideal, but we can’t really fix this from our end. It is probably an issue with Notion, so you would have to contact their support.


Thank you @drewmccormack - much appreciated! Agreed on the issue being Notion’s - Agenda is merely adhering to a standard link protocol and I will ask Notion to open up their input validation a bit :slight_smile:

While it is possible to mimic part of what Agenda does in Notion, it’s laborious and not as fluid so I’ll be using Agenda for all meetings (as I have been for a couple years now) and the workaround you gave will allow me to reference Agenda notes from Notion when relevant to bigger projects.

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