Handwritten Templates Now Cloud icon

What I did: Created a handwritten drawing that I used in a template.

What happened: Worked well for 4 days, now the handwritten drawing only shows up as a “cloud” icon and cannot be opened to be written on.

What I expected: The past few days it had been loading the drawing inline, as expected, and then I was able to write on it.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Working on iPadOS/iOS/Catalina… all software up to date.

That is odd. Did you do anything to that note, like copy it, move it to a different project, or anything like that? Or indeed, did you drag the pencil drawing to a different note?

And are you viewing it on the same device? Is it now missing on all the devices?

I did move the note from a project to another. After which, the template was affected on each device. I did not move the drawing, but the note itself.

There was an issue in earlier versions of Agenda where that could happen. Did you possibly move the note before doing the update to version 10?

Usually moving the note back to the original project will bring back the attachment. Perhaps that is something you could try.

Ill give it a shot. So far, haven’t had the issue repeat, so perhaps you are right about the version update causing something internally. Keep you posted.

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OK, let us know if you see it again.