Handwritten sheets

It would be useful if it is possible to edit notes with handwritten text. Actually I use a drawing to insert a handwritten text. Would be nice to insert a DIN A4 or letter sheet (with lines or similar) and use this for handwritten notes.
Is this foreseen or possible in a next update?

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Hi Andy,
Do you mean inline handwriting?
You can already use handwriting, but it appears as a separate sheet and is installed as an attachment.
We are considering if inline handwriting would be a good idea in future.
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It would be a great idea, IMHO. In fact, with all the amazing features of Agenda, I’m surprised inline handwriting is not already there. Other notes category digital note apps, such as Notes and Notability allow you to handwrite directly in a note, as well as combined handwriting and typed notes. I must be missing something, though, as again, Agenda in all other respects is supurior to the others.

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They are really quite different types of apps. Notability is completely targeted at handwritten notes. That is what it is for.

The architecture of other note taking apps are different. You often can write by hand, but it is generally not general like notability. Usually just a block or attachment. Eg. Apple’s own notes app allows it, but only as a block, like an inline drawing. That is what we might be able to add in Agenda at some point.

I also think a lot of handwriters actually prefer the full screen approach we have now. You have the full screen to write in, with lined background etc. There are some advantages to that too.

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Hi all,
sometimes it´s more easy to write handwritten text, automatic transition to machine text is not necessary and depending of your own handwriting, you get a lot of failure.
It´s ok with an attachement, but this should be a A4 or letter with rows, or your own design. If it´s a pdf wich can imported by your own, would be the best way.
Before I used AGENDA, I made my notes with NOTABILITY and there I imported my own sheet, which was used for every note I added. It was a PDF wich was created by my own. This would be great to have also here with AGENDA.

The PDF should work, I think. Why don’t you just make an empty PDF, import it when you need a new note, and then edit it with Apple’s markup in the app. It should save the PDF into Agenda.

For an “event” driven notes app like Agenda, getting handwritten notes attached to a meeting is beyond “nice to have”. Often times I’m in a meeting and just need to jot some quick notes. The kludgey process of Agenda forces me to use an app like Noteshelf for writing and then later having to get it into Agenda. I could just make meeting folders in Noteshelf and not bother with Agenda.

I’m a bit confused on what Agenda is. Notes? Calendar/meetings? To do? Reminders? It seems to be a bit of all of these but the UI is not serving it well. Pencil goes hand in hand with notes, which goes with meetings, etc.

I paid for the Agenda lifetime license–so hoping someone will have some outside the box thinking one day. Just my 2 cents.

PS: Seems you’ve been considering thinking about it for a few years now. Improved Apple Pencil support - #3 by drewmccormack

Maybe this could be as simple as adding a button to immediately add a drawing. That button could go to the bottom bar where the new window and gear icons/buttons are today. This 3rd button would be so easy to just start writing a note. Have a developer go thru the steps of creating a new agenda and start a drawing—that a lot of steps when you’ve got pencil in hand and want to just start writing. Then, add that 3rd button—no more kludgy steps. Just tap a button (with pencil, eg) and start writing.

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Haha, yes that´s the way actually, but it´s nor very easy to do and complcated. much more easy do open with one button a note and start handwriting, just with your own paper which was set uo before in settings.

I think this is what Drew is referring to here:

In a similar setup as notes you could have a quick way to detect or start a handwritten block “inline” that would basically take out the step of opening the note in a separate screen and allow the handwritten image to live inside notes, in between typed text if needed/desired.