Handwriting without scribble

What I did: Tried to write handwritten notes without converting to typed text (scribble)

What happened: Converted my handwritten notes to typed text

What I expected: To leave note without converting to typed text

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

There are two ways to write in Agenda by hand. If you use Scribble, which is an Apple technology, it will convert the handwriting to text.

The other way is to tap the + button above the keyboard, and select the squiggle line icon. You can then write or draw. There are also options there to put lined backgrounds on to help with writing.

Note that what you write won’t convert to text like with Scribble.

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This is very helpful @drewmccormack

Thanks so much!

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@g262sAgenda — just note that when you take handwritten notes using the + button, you can only write a couple of pages. If you want to take longer handwritten notes I recommend using a dedicated handwriting app and exporting a PDF into Agenda.

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If you do want to write many pages, another option is to save one note, and then create a new one directly under it. But a dedicated handwriting app is no doubt the best option if you use this a lot.