Handwriting Support

This app would be PERFECT. If only I could write notes with my Apple pencil. Currently, the way that it works is that I still have to use Goodnotes to take notes in meetings, and transfer thoughts later to Agenda. Argh! I work in the Ukraine humanitarian response so there are TONS of meetings. Would love for this and my calendar to be the only app that I need for productivity but alas…

Why can’t you write notes with your Apple Pencil in Agenda?

You can write notes with Apple Pencil. You use the + button on the keyboard bar, and click on the squiggle line to bring up a drawing/writing sheet. You can then choose to show background lines to help with writing.

It is not the same as Goodnotes, which was designed specifically for hand entry of text and images. Agenda is mostly focussed on text entry, but you can add handwriting this way.

Note also that we support Apple’s Scribble technology. You should be able to use the Apple Pencil to tap a note, and start hand writing, with the text converting into typed text. This is a replacement for the keyboard.

Otherwise, you might still be best with Goodnotes. They have perfected this type of entry, and your current setup of writing with Goodnotes, and transferring to Agenda, may well be the best approach.

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Thanks! This was awesome feedback.
Any chance to have an infinite page?
That would make it perfect!!!

I’m afraid it is very tricky the way we do it, because you get an image, and it turns out the iOS devices actually have limited memory to store images. We support up to 6 screens, I believe. We stopped there, because after that parts of the image would disappear due the memory constraints.

I’m sure there would be a solution for this, eg splitting things into multiple images. It’s not simple though. We will keep it in mind going forward.