Handwriting support (with ruler)

Hi! First, great job on the app guys, it’s really great!
Now that you support attachments, is handwriting with Apple Pencil a possibile future feature?
If yes, could you also add the ability to draw straight lines? As an economics student, I need to draw a lot of Cartesian planes, so that would be essential to have.
Have a nice day!


We certainly want to do that in the not too distant future. And thanks for the feedback re: lines. May not make the first cut, but is an interesting idea.


See also:

if you are looking for text recognition and are using an iPad, I can strongly recommend the keyboard Mazec it will allow you to have handwriting recognition (and with math symbols) in ALL of your apps, including Agenda.


Thank you for the recommendation. I just downloaded Mazec and its well worth the price. I’ve tried other handwriting recognition keyboards and none mesaure up to Mazec. Thanks again.

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Just want to add my two-cents for asking for Handwriting support. This is such a vital need for me. I would like very much to make Agenda my go to app but I still need to keep using Notability because of the way Notability support handwriting.

We plan to add support for drawing/writing quite soon, but it will not include handwriting recognition (ie conversion to text), which is very difficult to do (or expensive).

I discovered mazec a week ago and love it. It works for me and exactly what I wanted with handwriting. I am suggesting it everywhere I can.

Sounds good indeed. Our support will be useful for drawing and writing where you want to preserve it as handwriting. If the goal is just to generate text in a comfortable way, Mazec is probably the way to go.

What iDevice are you using it with?

Maybe its usefull to read this: iPad Pro pencil where the use of an App is introduced, App called Selvy PenScript for handwriting recognition.

I am using it with my iPad Pro 10.5

well, I easily, double for the handwriting support . and for the temporary solution I use the SelVy penscript keyboard. and would like to say that it’s amazing and works well Both with english and russian although I write really bad. Anyways would love to see native option for hand writing . convention to text is probably mandatory tho. thank you for the amazing work .
p.s. this text was written by hand using the aforementioned keyboard.