Grouping project with categories

Hi there!

I work with a large number of clients on different topics. In Agenda, I organize these customers as categories. Topics are then assigned to these customers as projects.

This leads to an ever-growing category list that quickly becomes confusing. It would therefore be very helpful if this could be filtered.
The same applies to projects:
I often create projects adhoc, i.e. I assign them to a category only later. This is a challenge when both the catagory list and the project list are very long. Therefore, it would be a great relief if categories AND projects could be filtered separately.

Thanks and cheers

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Have you considered creating an additional layer of parent categories? For instance if there’s a commonality between certain customers (say Educational, NGO’s etc) you could introduce those categories and make the other ones subcategories, that way you can more easily narrow things down.

The other option is to use the Open Quickly menu, as it allows for much quick navigation (as if you were filtering the sidebar indeed): Seriously SPEED UP your NOTE TAKING with Agenda 13 - YouTube