Group List item editing



Are there plans to allow for a grouped list?

One thing I am struggling with is the rearangement of items within a note list. I keep expecting to be able to click and drag the little handle and the paragraph move where I want it to go. Currently the cut and pasting is also a bit awkward as it inserts into the line I am moving it to. I looked through the textediting tagged support items and didn’t see this question specifically but may have missed it. So enough background i suppose, two questions;

1 - Are there plans for lists of like items that can be manipulated as a common block.

2 - Is there an ability to move lines more easily by either click dragging the bullet that you currently use to allow for styling of the paragraph or some similiar method to allow for reordering lists easily.



The ability to easily rearrange list items and/or collapse list items is a popular request, we hope to indeed add these kind of options in the future.


May be a small drag&drop-handle in addition to the style&list-circle in front of the line.

And/Or with a shortcut of „ctrl+alt+cmd“ and the arrow-key up&down.