Greedy user wants complicated way to use the 30% discount

Hi people

I’m a longstanding supporter and user of Agenda. I usually had both iOS and Mac premium but I let my Mac lapse because the machine was old and awful.

I’ve got a new Mac coming but I don’t know when. Even though I’m a happy supporter, of course I want some of that sweet 30% off goodness!

I’ve tried reading other posts but I’ve ended up confused.

So, 2 simple questions:

  1. Is there a way to extend my Mac premium without having a Mac to do it on at the moment?

  2. The really greedy question, said with an innocent face: do you have a way for existing premium users to grab that 30% and extend an already running subscription? I’ve got 7 months left, and I’m definitely gonna reup, but if I can help you guys give your money away, I’m here for it!

Thanks for your help. Yours is the only “management of any part of your life” app in years that I’ve never felt the need to say “I wonder what else is on the market like this?” About.

And listen, don’t worry if the answer to question 2 is “don’t be so greedy” - I’m a guaranteed buy even at full price.


Hello other greedy person, I have the exact same question(s) as the promotional e-mail states: “And if you already purchased the features previously, this is a great time to renew , because you get 30% off for that too!” But there doesn’t seem to be an ‘extend now’ button in the app(s).

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We hadn’t really anticipated this, but there have been quite a few people who have an existing unlock wanting to know if they can take advantage of the extension.

The tricky bit is to get the payment option to come up, because Agenda will not show it when you have an active license.

I believe you can purchase the In-App Purchases in the App Store directly, rather than in Agenda app. (That might only work on iOS.) If you do that, then launch Agenda, it should take the new purchase.

If you decide to try that, and it doesn’t work, just contact us here and we will make sure you get your extra year.

Kind regards,

Anyone have luck I can’t figure out how to purchases the IAP from the iOS app store??? I have an existing premium purchase but would love to extend it during this sale.

How long the 30% discount lasts?

I interpreted "And if you already purchased the features previously, this is a great time to renew , because you get 30% off for that too!” to apply to those of us with active licenses. If so, can you please provide more details on how to do this? IOS App store doesn’t appear to offer in-app purchases - just offers to OPEN. It could be argued that it is a good idea to reward loyal current customers as much as those customers who have not renewed.

Until Monday 13th September.

Sorry about the confusion over this. We have never had to worry about people wanting to purchase before their time is up before, but I can see why you would want to do that now.

We were thinking more of people who had previously purchased, but which had let their license lapse. (This is possible in our model, because we don’t force a auto renewing subscription on you.)

I have investigated. It seems we were missing a piece of the puzzle that allows direct purchase in the iOS App Store. I have now added that piece, and I expect it will appear in the store in the coming hours.

I recommend going to the iOS App Store sometime in the next day, choosing the option you want (iOS/iPadOS or iOS/iPadOS/macOS), and purchasing that. It should appear with some artwork in a separate section in our Agenda listing.

If for some reason it doesn’t work, or you pay and don’t get the feature extension, just contact us via email or the community. We will make sure you get the extra year.


This doesn’t seem to be possible. As the app / premium purchase is already active, there’s no option to extend the time period. Besides that, I don’t think I’ve bought the premium upgrade via the App Store, so it isn’t available under ‘subscriptions’ neither. Maybe you can simply offer a discount code that existing customers can use when it’s time for their renewal?

sorry, replied to an earlier posting

OK, did a bit more digging. Indeed, the App Store still isn’t showing our featured IAPs, so I fear we have to wait a while, or perhaps it will only appear with the next version.

There is good news though, because it turns out we do have a way to do it. It is well hidden though, so pay attention:

In the Mac version, hold in the option key as you select Window > Premium Features. It should open the window of features as usual, but with the option to purchase more time.

Hopefully that will be good enough for most. Sorry for the trouble.


Thanks, that one did do the trick… 700 days of Premium remaining :slight_smile:

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Glad I saw this just in time, 736 days remaining :smiley:

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Hi just wondering if the sale is still available?

Unfortunately the sale is no longer on. Best is to subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to get notified when a next one would start.