Greater visual separation of notes

Could you add some kind of visual separator between notes please. When viewing notes in list view on the iPad the only indication that one note is finished and another starts is the circle. To me this looks like a check box, or a bullet point - something that I’m used to seeing in the same note.

A fine horizontal line between notes would be ideal, and it seems to be how most note taking apps do it. In fact, this very forum uses that style.

Perhaps I only find it difficult because I don’t have perfect vision, but I don’t seem to have this trouble with other note taking apps.

Other than that, I’m really enjoying the app.



had the same thought today on the Mac, not only on the ipad or iphone.
Would be great!


I don’t think we’ll change the basic design at this point, it’s a fine balance between making a project feel like a continuous document and boxing it into separate notes. We might offer more customisation and styling options down the road.

If I may ask, would you happen to be colorblind? I could see how that might make it difficult to distinguish the note menu button from a checklist item circle, and the currently focused note from others in the list. But otherwise there are several design aspects that distinguish notes from each other. Note titles are larger than all other text; the menu button is a hollow circle positioned on the far-left margin; and the currently active note is surrounded by a border and shaded darker than other notes. Also, Agenda does not use circular bullets in lists, so the only thing that far-left circle could represent is the start of a new note.

I’d also personally be opposed to using a horizontal rule between notes because that would eliminate the possibility of using them within notes at some future point.

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Sorry for the delay in responding. I gave up using Agenda, but have recently come back to give it another go.

Yes, I am colourblind but do have some other vision issues.

I can differentiate checklist items from the circle at note title if they are close together. But, checklist items appear heavier (darker and more solid) than the one a the note title. And the note title, even though it is a larger font, is visually less striking than H1 text. That means my eyes are drawn to Headings and Checklists rather than the title of a note.

A workaround that I’m using at the moment is to write note titles in ALL CAPITALS. That helps a bit. I also tried === NOTE TITLE === but that doesn’t work too well on a smaller split-screen as it usually truncates to something like === NOTE T…

I read somewhere that the developers are considering allowing horizontal rules within the note. That would work as I could enter it at the end of the note. It seems like such a simple fix that would make a huge difference to others like myself.

I think this illustrates the idea behind Agenda, in that because it’s free text you can define your own ways of making Agenda work for you, for instance by adding the kind of textual markers you are using. You could simply add === at the end of each note to emphasise the separation between notes.

We do indeed want to add support for a horizontal rule, but a number of higher priority things will have to go out first so it will still take a while I’m afraid.

I was about to request the same thing when I found this thread.

Any chance then of making a visual divider (etc.) between items an option, kinda in the same way we can change line spacing, etc.?

I’ve watched the videos of how Agenda came to be, and I get that Projects basically mimic a big text file where paragraphs are “items,” but I too have trouble finding the particular item I need when scrolling through tons of text.

I remember seeing a pre-release beta of Agenda in the videos where items looked more like “cards” and really loved that lol, but I also get why that was abandoned for the current look.

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I’m afraid we don’t really plan to change the overall feel at this point. A short term workaround would be to simply start the title of your notes with a “marker”, either some capital text or +++ or ===, or alternatively with an emoji like :blossom: or :eight_pointed_black_star:, or whatever else makes sense. In the long term we might add more “themes” which could potentially bring back a more card-like option I guess :smiley: