Grammar and spelling on macOS

I’m getting really tired of having to turn on spelling and grammar settings for each new note or text field in Agenda for macOS. Once I open a new note, I’m typing fast and don’t want my flow state to get interupted by inconveniences.

One inconvenience is that macOS doesn’t let you set the spelling and grammar settings universally by keeping them checked on for word-processing apps. I know it’s not the Agenda team’s fault, as I’ve been told before, but I think it’s worth another mention.

Apple needs to treat you guys better if they’re gonna add your app to their “Editors Choice” and other lists.

This should already work. We do have in place syncing of the spelling settings, at least between note content areas (title area is different).

How it should work it this:

  • Put the cursor in the content of a note
  • Go to Edit > Spelling, and setup the settings how you want them
  • Change to a different note. The settings should be the same there, including after quitting and relaunching.

If you are not seeing this behaviour, let us know. It could be an issue with the preferences file where the settings are stored.