Google Keep integration?

Is there any chance that Google Keep integration is under consideration? I have a lot of information there and it’s easier to access under some conditions; I wonder if we will be able to easily link to google keep notes and perform simple actions on them (like add a reminder to a google keep note for example).

We have no plans to support Google Keep in particular, but we have a bunch of things in Agenda for general integration. Eg. you can paste links into Agenda from other apps, or drag things in to create a link. You can also get Agenda Links from inside agenda, and paste those in other apps to quickly jump back to a particular Agenda note.

The Agenda links don’t seem to work in Chrome; is there an easy fix for that? I can paste an Agenda link in the format agenda://note/… but Chrome doesn’t recognize it as a URL, nor does the System, and it doesn’t seem to know to open an app to deal with it. (It seems to work great in the OS X Calendar app tho).

Have you checked the mappings in the Chrome preferences, I believe they have settings for URL support with custom schemes (not a big Chrome expert though I have to admit).

I think this is more likely to do with the web site you are pasting into with Chrome. If it is a web site that uses markdown, like this community, you can make a link like this [Link Title](agenda://note/…). Ie put the title in square brackets, and the URL in round brackets straight after.

I’m just doing it in Google Keep - it allows little notes. I’m seeing the same problem in Google Calendar and no way to enable URLs like that in the preferences that I can find. But it sounds like a google limitation as the links seem to work fine elsewhere (and I can paste the link into chrome’s address bar and it will open Agenda just fine when I hit enter).