Google calendars not showing up

What I did: Fired up Agenda and attempt to link an event to a Google calendar.

What happened: No Google calendar was displayed.

What I expected: For all of my Google calendars to be displayed, because they were set up in Mac OS X system preferences.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 2.11, Mac OS 10.13.4, MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015).

Thanks, the app looks really good, I’m sure a minor glitch.

So you have gone into System Preferences and setup the calendars there? Do they appear now in the Apple Calendar app?

To activate calendars in Agenda, open the right panel (Related Info), and connect using the button at the top of the panel.

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Hi Drew,

Yes, the calendars are set up in Preferences and show up in Apple Calendar.

In the Related Info panel the button at the top says “Get all Features” and
doesn’t appear to allow me to view the calendars Agenda is currently

The missing calendars are all from a Google account.

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Hmm, so you see events from non-Google calendars in Agenda? Did you already connect to the Calendar in the right “Related Info” panel at the top?

Can you also post a screenshot of the related panel?

Hi Alexander,

Please close the case. This is working. (Not sure what I did, but I was
able to find the events on the missing calendars.) Upgraded to premium



Glad it is working now.

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This sounds like what happened to me yesterday - I couldn’t get my Google Calendar events to show up in the Agenda Calendar screen (I’m using iOS), and then for no apparent reason they did. I input several other things into my Google Calendar & they didn’t show up in Agenda either. I deleted & reinput them, & still nothing happened. I hadn’t time to investigate it further right then, but later on I came back to Agenda & there they were, showing up perfectly, & just where I’d expected them to be.

I think the problem may simply be a delay in synching between Google Calendar & Agenda. I thought at first it might be some kind of a glitch with the way my phone’s set up, but now I’ve seen it’s happened elsewhere too it looks like something more general. It’s not a major issue for me, but if more Agenda users report a similar problem, @drewmccormack, you might want to suggest they simply wait a little while & see if they turn up - I know it sounds quite lame, but it seems to work! :blush:

Agenda does depend on the system Calendar Store. That is what Calendar is using. If the event doesn’t show in Calendar, Agenda won’t see it. If the calendar syncing of Apple is slow, that will also affect Agenda, of course.

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That figures! The hold-up’s clearly not Agenda’s fault, and I don’t mind the wait now I know it will show up eventually :blush:

To overcome syncing issues, might be worth letting users sign into their Google accounts to directly access these Google Cal events. (I imagine some users wouldn’t mind the syncing with email, too.)

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