Google Calendar Link Event

What I did: I Sync my project on Agenda with Gcal

What happened: It works only the first time and then when I made some changes on the projects GCal didn’t show updates.

What I expected: To see my updates after the link to Event

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda version 7.0

Can you detail as to what the updates are in Gmail that don’t get reflected in Agenda?

Yes, for instance:

I create an appointment on Agenda. I connect with Gcal and works perfectly. I change the hours and immediately I see the result in Agenda and Gcal.

If I try to edit on Gcal app and change hours there I’m not able to see any difference in Agenda.
Seems the connections works only from Agenda to Gcal and not both.

Thanks a lot

Sorry, it works if I create the appointment in Agenda.

If I create the appointment in Gcal and I create a connection event with Agenda I can’t change schedule time, otherwise Agenda show me only the first schedule time.

Thanks a lot

Thanks for the added detail William, we’ll have a look what could explain this.