Google Calendar Integration

Is there an ETA on Google Calendar integration? Really need that before using Agenda (would be into paying if you have that). Thanks


Is there an ETA on Google Calendar integration?

We currently support Google Calendar if configured through the System Preferences (i.e. they show up in We don’t have direct Google Calendar support on our near term roadmap I’m afraid.

+1 on this feature being a key consideration when deciding to pay for use of the app/service

+1 for Google calendar integration, please!

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Have you tried Agenda in combination with setting up Google Calendar in the system preferences? That way it should already work for you.

+1 also… but for Exchange calendars, too. Thanks

+1 also… but for Exchange calendars, too. Thanks

Similarly as to the Google Calendars, have you tried setting up the Exchange account under the system preferences so it shows up in the Calendar app and becomes available in Agenda? Or doesn’t this work with this kind of Exchange account?

I did a while back (unrelated to Agenda) but found that differences between Microsoft’s and Apple’s handling of daily events, my entries would eventually become duplicated (resulting in 3 or 4 or more copies of birthday reminders or holidays). Worse still, when traveling to different time zones, one of the two actually internally coded a daily event as occurring from 00:00 to 23:59, meaning a shift would take it to 03:00 to 02:59 and when going back to my home and syncing, would set it to the wrong day. So now I’m unsure if my father’s birthday is April 5 or 6. (My calendar and contact entries go back to the days of Newton!). So, I abandoned syncing of events between Exchange and iCal. This may have been fixed along the way, but I’m not sure… I still sync, but not to iCal. I’m also not sure whose (MSFT or AAPL) handling of this was the culprit.

Ai, this sounds nasty, definitely something Apple and Microsoft need to sort out together. Unfortunately in the short term it’s the only way this setup can work, so hopefully they did in fact fix it.

I’ve got the suggested integration working: my google calendar set up through System Preferences. It’s working OK for me!

I’ve noticed a quirk: A particular calendar item’s notes included a list (a meeting agenda). The list gets passed to Agenda as HTML (<ul />s and <li />s). I assume that’s how Google hand the data to macOS, or how macOS hands it to Agenda. However, because Agenda doesn’t (yet) translate the HTML into Agenda’s mark-up format, it comes through as plain text.

Any chance you good folks can sprinkle some “magic” on this to get the list to show up in the Agenda note as a list?

Indeed on our to-do list, we’ll do our best

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Really dig this app but not having google calendar integration is a show stopper for me I’m afraid. Look forward to hearing if/when this is in your roadmap


You should be able to get Google Calendar working. It’s a question of adding it to the system calendar. On the Mac, you do that in System Preferences.

Here is the thing. Us Android/Google users do not really use the Mac calendar app. I just simply use the web version of Google Calendars since it’s way better, simpler, and simply awesome to use (instead of the Mac Calendar app). So that is the issue. Since I use the google web calendar, if I add my gcal to the Mac app calendar app, I would start to get double notifications: The ones from the google web calendar (via chrome notifications) and the one from the App Calendar.

So, yeah… Google calendar integration would be awesome and would tranform me into a paying customer :wink:

I’m afraid this is the only option at the moment.

Since I use the google web calendar, if I add my gcal to the Mac app calendar app, I would start to get double notifications: The ones from the google web calendar (via chrome notifications) and the one from the App Calendar.

Why not turn off notifications for one of the two?

For those experiencing similar issues, we were recently told that this might be related to MDM profiles installed by your workplace:

+1 for Google Suite. Every new startup I’ve worked for uses Google Suite. This product would be awesome for business use.


Not sure what is meant by “add it to the system calendar.” I have never found a way to reliably link gCal events with the I’m going to add a vote here for possible ways to link/connect with the Google Calendar app/infrastructure. I’m not crazy about it, but some stuff lives in the Google ecosystem — it is more reliable than the Office 365 ecosystem that my works insists upon and which plays nicely with nothing outside of it.

Pretty sure a standard Google calendar should work with Apple Calendar, as well as MS. If you can get the Google events appearing there, Agenda will see them too.

i’ve been trying to sync my google cal to agenda and tried all the steps and this is likely the issue. I’m a student and so I’m likely not to get approval for something like this. +1 to all the other comments on getting a gcal integration!

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