Good News - There is now a chatGPT integration with Agenda!

This is such good news for those of you (like me) that love chatGPT and wish there was a way to integrate with the Agenda. Not only that, it integrates with Siri, so you can just say "Hey SIri GTP Mode Tell me about the app Agenda for the mac and iphone” and will come back with the answer from chatGPT and read it to you. You can then share it with Agenda.

There’s a video which I link below telling you how to set this up. If you already have an api account with openAI then it will take you under two minutes to get this going. Otherwise, you’ll need to head over to openAI and set up an account and get an API. They give you an $18 credit and from my caclulations, it costs about 20 cents for every 300 pages of text that chatGPT returns to you, so it’s incredibly cheap.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to watch a video (assuming you already have an api key), just open your iphone and click on the link below to get the shortcut GPTMode. Then you’ll need to open up the shortcut and paste in your secret API Key from openAI. That’s it. Now say to siri GPT Mode and then whatever you want to ask chatGPT, and the answer comes back real soon. Siri will read it to you and then you can share it or save it to files.

Note: It saves a text file attachment to Agenda. If anyone skilled in Shortcuts wants to create an alternative version that saves it as just text when you share it to Agenda that would be great!

Here’s the link to the shortuct:

And here’s the link to the youtube video if you want complete instructions and to see it in action first:



Interesting, I was going to say it would probably be expensive for Agenda to offer GPT directly on the app. However, I’m sure Apple will release something of this nature soon.

One way to make it manageable would be to offer GPT integration directly as part of Agenda via a recurring subscription.

That would be cool :slight_smile: