Global keyboard shortcut

A great addition to Bear (perhaps a premium feature?) would be the ability to assign a global shortcut to quickly open Agenda. One of my uses for the app is to track meetings, calls and visits with donors (I run a school that depends on financial contributions). If I get an unexpected call from one of them, it would be nice to just punch a shortcut to quickly pull up Agenda and reference past meetings.

Other apps that have this helpful feature are Bear and Fantastical (screenshots below). Thanks for listening – I’m loving the app!



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Very interesting idea. We have some ideas about this type of functionality, and should get to it soon. Stay tuned!


Big +1 from me on this! I still keep Things 3 around to make quick notes when things pop up unexpectedly because they have a great global shortcut that lets you file a quick note to an inbox for categorization later or if you want to take the time, right from the quick entry window.

Would love to see this in Agenda! : )


I use Alfred to make global keyboard shortcuts for all apps I use on a regular basis :slight_smile:

I’d still love to see a global shortcut for a quick create menu bar window, similar to what DayOne and MindNode offers. @drewmccormack do you consider these requests similar to this topic or should I create a new one?

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We do have plans for a quick entry type setup. Stay tuned!

Hi there,

I am searching for that quick entry type setup. I want to quickly add some Note from anywhere in macOS to Agenda. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance!

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At the moment this isn’t possible yet, as mentioned above it’s indeed something we’d like to make possible in a future update.

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OK, thanks for the info.I think this is a quite important function. I’ll see if I can find a workaround.