Give Archived projects less screen space?

In the sidebar the archive for each category or subcategory takes up the same space as a project. When I was mainly using categories this wasn’t a problem, but I’m now using subcategories as well to organise my work.

This means I have a quite a lot of lines in the sidebar that simply say ‘X archived’. As a result I have to scroll up and down the sidebar quite a bit to find what I’m looking for.

Would it be possible to indicate the existance of an archive (and to open it) in a way that uses less screen space? Perhaps a dot at the start of the category name with the three dot menu including ’show archive’?

By definition, once something is in an archive one doesn’t need regular, immediate access to it!

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Make a general archive at the bottom of the left sidebar and move an archived project there. You don’t need to see them then. Another solution is to Export an archived project or category to the file system. I use .md for that but others filetypes can be used.

Good workarounds, but I like keeping the association between the category and project. I also appreciate the one click convenience of “archive project”!

At the moment we don’t have plans to adapt the sidebar in this direction I’m afraid, the trick that @Raffy1 mentioned is indeed what I would propose as well. You can even make an “Archived” category with subcategories representing the hierarchy of your sidebar, move the projects in there and then archiving them at least preserves some kind of “shadow” tree. You can then collapse the category to make sure it doesn’t use up more than 1 line in the sidebar.

That’s a shame. I’ll figure something out.