Give Agenda as a gift?

Hi folks, I am new to Agenda and really like it. I’ve always been a diary-based notetaker (essentially categorizing notes by date or events) so this really fits the bill. I purchased the premium license and enjoy having it on my iMac, iPad Pro and iPhone. It’s great.

I wanted to give Agenda as a gift to my son who’s a senior in college. However I notice that the “Gift” icon isn’t available within the AppStore on iOS (see I can “gift” other apps that I have purchased, but for Agenda, this isn’t an option.

Am I missing something or is this a feature that is planned for sometime down the road?

Thanks! —Michael

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Hi Michael,

I think the issue there is probably that Agenda is actually free to download and use. We have an in-app purchase for premium features, but I have a feeling that doesn’t work with gifts.

Perhaps the easiest approach is to send a gift card or digital gift card to your son, and the link for Agenda.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer, and thanks for supporting us!

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Thanks @drewmccormack—yes, since Agenda is free, that’s probably preventing the gift feature from working within the iOS App Store. Your plan is a good one! Thanks again! —mr