Getting O365 calendar in Fantastical 2 to show up?




apologies if this has been asked/answered, i’ve searched but can’t find the answer.

I have fantastical 2 set as my default calendar app on my Mac and it’s showing my O365 calendar as iCal currently doesn’t allow me to sync with O365.

Is there anyway of making Agenda see Fantastical 2 as my calendar and thereby show my O365 appointments rather than iCal?




Strangely it works in the iOS version!


Fantastical uses your iOS Calendar settings in iOS, unlike the Mac version which you have to set-up per account. That is likely why it works on iOS but not macOS.


@abielert is right. If you want to have those calendars show up also in Agenda for Mac you will have to configure those accounts in the system preferences under the internet accounts tab, not just in Fantastical.


Thank for the replies,

I’ve managed to sort it out. It turns out the problem was that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did….




@mister.reid I used to use third-party apps in the past, but learned over the last year to always use stock apps because you get the most integrations with them over third-party, at least on the Mac. iOS is a little more complicated because of it’s limits. :roll_eyes: