Get Linked Notes from Calendar Event

Hi I wonder as whether is there a feature on any linked notes to a calendar event could appear as we click/double click/right click on any event listed in the calendar side bar. If none then I think this is a nice feature to have as at the moment I couldn’t track which notes are linked to particular events. Thanks.

Hi, I’m not entirely sure I understand the feature you describe, could you perhaps illustrate it with a screenshot and where/how you would like to see things work?

Ahh sorry my bad for not explaining it well. Well actually I wish to retrieve any linked notes to my calendar events as displayed on the right sidebar. So let say I have previously linked an agenda note to a planned meeting event. And now as the meeting has ended I wish to retrieve the agenda note for me to write my meeting minute.

So my question is how can I view the linked note? Since if I click on my today’s meeting event the only available options are Link Event to Selected Note, New Note Linked to this Event and Show Event in Calendar. I’d wish that there is the fourth option namely Show Notes Linked to This Event.

I hope I could convey my enquire here rather more clearly this time. Thanks for your reply.

That’s weird, if a note is linked to a calendar event is should show as this:

  1. clicking the previously linked event should show a Go to Linked Note option instead of Link Event to Selected Note.

  2. the event should show an orange note icon on the right that acts as a shortcut to jump to the note without the need to use the menu option above

  3. the event in the Calendar app should have an Agenda link added to the URL field, clicking that should also bring you directly to the note.

Spot on! Turns out Agenda works well enough… My bad again! I’ve got a couple of meeting yesterday and messed up which ones have had meeting agenda assigned to them! Really sorry for this… Many thanks anyway for pointing me out how I could get my linked notes.

But I just wonder as whether is it possible to link more than one notes to an event? Thank again!

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This is not possible, there’s a strict 1:1 relationship at the moment. You can however create notes within Agenda that link to another note (Note > Link to..) as a potential work around.

Thanks for the explanation and workaround.