Get all notes, somehow?


Is there any way to somehow retrieve all notes programatically using Agenda? I’m happy to use an x-callback-url, Shortcuts, Applescript - anything really.

I want a way of checking my notes to make sure there aren’t any open checklist items - and I would then programatically mark the note as not done; or perhaps add them to my task manager.

I get that it’s not possible to search for open checklist items in Agenda itself; but was hoping I might be able to script something to do that.



Hi Tom,

I think this is probably a bridge too far at this point. The callbacks we have are mostly for adding things, but getting content out is tricky because it is a security risk (think of a web site putting in a link that requests your Agenda notes).

I think for now, your best bet would be to select all projects, and export them as Markdown, and then scan the markdown. Something like that. But there may be issues there too.

To be honest, I think you would just be best to put an #unfinished tag on any note with an incomplete list, and make an overview for that tag. Remove the tag when you check the last item.

Note that we have this in our sights, and have a project planned to make automatic filtering of notes with incomplete items possible. It’s a big project, but has a high priority.

In addition to the comments from @drewmccormack, note that in the upcoming Agenda 14 update we have added more options to export your notes as individual files or per project if you wish.