Gestures control

Coming close to agenda 14, it’s a nice time to suggest a Big feature for agenda 15, which is better gesture control.

Most native, and 3° apps have slide gests to notes and no need to select notes to make a action. Only in agenda for exemplo a have to tap 3x times for expanding. On for selecting, 2 for expanding.

My suggestion will be a little be hard, but would make total difference in speed and flawless workflow;

Notes gestures suggest (without need to select note);
One tap to conclude
Two taps to remove ou put in agenda
One tap on title to open note
Slide left to right to move note to other projects
Drag cross projects on agenda overview
Slide right to left to set time or delete note

Overview gesture:
Slide corner of screen to make hiden pages come out.

This is what I was used to use in things 3 and was one of the best gestures control on entire App Store.

But, nevertheless you have been doing a great job so far.

One problem with gestures is that they are quite hidden. Agenda does already support many gestures.

For example, sideways slides are used to open the sidebars. Double tap on a collapsed note to open it. Tap and hold to pop a note for dragging (and project).

So most of the gestures you want are there, but are simply different gestures than you expected (which is one of the problems with gestures — they aren’t very discoverable).

Note also that an app like Things 3 is very different to a note taking app like Agenda. We have to be concerned with changing the text etc, so it is not as easy to just slide something sideways, like a task in Things. It would be very odd if a large note could be slided sideways to delete, for example.

Appreciate the feedback! It keeps us thinking about our decisions.

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