Generating Notes From Meeting Invite

I typically try to use Agenda like I would use OneNote with linking the Calendar Invite to a new note which would pull in the Meeting Topic as well as users that were invited to the meeting.

I’m struggling with making a clean meeting note. When linking to an event it just brings in the people names and if its a large meeting it says & others. Would be great if when it links to the event and brings the details in it would create name tags for each participant as well as pre defined format. Many of the meetings are with people via say a Webex. It would be cool if the template agenda uses just makes the meeting information defined as something as a web meeting. That way its a much cleaner template thats used. I can’t seem to figure out how to utilize the new template feature while using the link to event feature.

I’d be happy to show this idea to the Agenda folks to perhaps update the link to event template that agenda uses on the backend to pull in that information


Good news, in version 11 (due out soon) you will be able to define your own template using parameters to prefill the event details as described here:

Thanks I have the beta for MacOS. I’m assuming it’s in that version of 11?

Also how do I get on the TestFlight for iOS and iPadOS.


I’ve sent you a TestFlight invite.