Future updates

I am passionate about the Agenda app, I helped translate into my language that is coming in the next update.

I discovered a recent app and would very much like to see some of the features in Agenda in future updates.

1 ° - An option to include a video link and reproduce within the app, (also to the Notion app);
2 ° a more advanced option of tables and lists.

Thank you.
Luiz Assis

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We are working on tables right now. Big feature, but hopefully will be there later this year.

Does the video link not work? If you hold down CTRL when you drop a video file in Agenda, it should make a link to the file. Is that what you mean?


Thank you very much for the answer and I hope I enjoy a lot about the advanced tables.

So, about the video, that’s not what I wanted to say.
When you copy the video link to ex from youtube, and paste it into Notion, the video player appears in the app and then you watch the video without leaving the app.

I sent an example pic

Down the line we have some ideas of making this possible, but not in the immediate future I’m afraid.

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ok tanks, can I test version 11?