Freeform: Sharesheet extension – there isn't one

Did you know that the Sharesheet while in Freeform does not have an Agenda extension? I just started a new project with a Freeform mindmap and there was no way to add it to a note in my Agenda project. Is this something that I am doing wrong or something that needs to be addressed on your end?

That is odd. Does it work from other apps?

Perhaps Freeform is adding the info to the pasteboard in a format that Agenda doesn’t support.

Worth looking in the Settings app and making sure that Agenda share sheet is allowed. Perhaps you disallowed it at some point.

@jscotta I just did a check on iPadOS 16.3 and it works for me (as Drew mentioned, make sure you have the sharing extension enabled, as described here). The bit that is perhaps unusual is that when you tap Agenda in the share menu you will first have to share the project with some one, after that it proceeds to sharing the link using the Agenda sharing extension. Not sure why Apple does it this way, but the end result is a link in your Agenda note that when clicked will take you to the Freeform document.

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