Free space at the end of note

What I did:
Open a project within a category

What happened:
Notes appear in the project. The “boxes” containing the notes extend well beyond the end of the note.

What I expected:
The “box” containing the note to end below the text, not much further down.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
I am running the latest version of agenda, on the latest version of macOS on a macbook pro.

Sounds like a glitch. Sorry about that.

What you can try is putting the cursor at the end of the note, and typing a few words or a return. The space should disappear.

Do you happen to run Agenda in fullscreen mode or split screen when this happens? Or are you using a window managing utility like Magnet?


The space sure does disappears when I start typing and yes, I do run it fullscreen.

Thank you very much for you prompt response.

Kind Regards.

Thanks for the follow up, we’ll investigate.

Ive got the same problem. It sometimes appears even if i did not change the note, just after restarting the mac. But its mostly the same note. Theres only a link in it. Sometimes it happens to two notes in the same project.
And it creats a huge block of empty space under the link.
It is enough to collapse and expande the note. Then the space is gone.

That’s helpful info, thanks.

This still happens all the time on both iOS and macOS for me. Mostly after moving focus to some other app and coming back.

Annoys me a lot. Several times a day. And I don‘t know why this still isn‘t fixed. Something occurring that often can‘t be that hard to find, can it?

Something can be easy to find but therefore not simple to fix. We plan to replace the collection view that causes these issues, but it’s not a trivial exercise and therefore will still take some time.

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