Formatting window not working as expected

What I did: I pasted in a bulleted list of text from another app and Agenda made it a checklist, which I did not want. So I highlighted the list, then clicked the dot next to the selection to bring up the formatting pop-up window.

What happened: It doesn’t let me select to change the list to a bulleted list.

What I expected: To be able to click the icon for bulleted list and have the list change.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
MacOS Sonoma 14.5, Agenda 19

This seems like a bug because if I deselect the highlighted text and try again, it works on the second try. But I expect to have it work on the first attempt when the text is highlighted.

Hmm, odd. Thank you for reporting it.

It is also very odd that it made the checklist instead of a bullet list. Was there anything in the original list you copied that might make it think it was a check list? What app did you copy from?

I copied from a web browser from ChatGPT. It was definitely formatted as bullets in there, but pasted as a checklist.

Hmm, very odd. I just tried it with ChatGPT, and it worked. Asked it to give me a bullet list, and copied that, and in Agenda it actually worked better than I expected.

Looks like ChatGPT does support copying as markdown, which should make the paste into Agenda work well. Ie there really is a proper format for the list.

Is it possible you pasted somewhere that caused it to make a checklist somehow?

Were you just copying straight from ChatGPT, or was it some service using ChatGPT?

Are you 100% it was a bullet list inside ChatGPT? I assume ChatGPT can also make checklists.

Sorry for the questions. Just trying to get to the bottom of this.

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It was directly from ChatGPT. I’m attaching a screenshot of what the chat looked like.

What’s strange is that I copied this on desktop from the web browser ChatGPT to agenda and it put checklists for the bullets. But when I did it on mobile just now to test again, from the mobile ChatGPT app, to the mobile Agenda app, it went over like I’d have expected. I’ll test again on desktop tomorrow and see if I can replicate.

Don’t be sorry for the questions! Happy to help! (I work in Customer Experience Operations for a tech company, so… this is all right up my alley.)

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