Formatting suggestion

I like that I can adjust the line spacing, so I adjusted it a bit tighter because it seemed rather extreme.

However, I realized something that I think would help improve the readability of the content a bit.

What outlining apps and most websites tend to do is have line spacing within each bit of block content, and then have additional space below the block. So that means the spacing within an outline point would be one thing, and then you’d have a little extra space between the different points in an outline, or the diffferent paragraphs.

Agenda does this between paragraphs (and between the last point in an outline and a paragraph), but not between points in an outline. Personally, I feel it would read better if there was extra spacing between the points in an outline the same way there is between paragraphs, as well as between a paragraph and the first point of an outline.

This wouldn’t be a huge step, as there is already precedent with the spacing between paragraphs. Ideally, the user would be able to specify how much space they want between paragraphs and list items the way they can specify line spacing, but that’s not 100% necessary.

Changing linespacing does in fact change both line spacing and paragraph spacing, we just decide not to split those two out in two separate options, we prefer to keep things simple and not go the word processor route of giving total control over all possible aspects of the formatting of text. While that would allow a few people to make things exactly perfect for them, it would feel as bloat and complexity to the majority of users we’re afraid.

OK, I understand that. I’d still like to see spacing between list items be the same as spacing between paragraphs instead of being the same as spacing between lines.