Formatting issues in other apps with copy/paste

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Sorry that I could not find an answer to this on my own… Curious what can be done about the severe formatting issues when Copy/Pasting between Agenda and MS Outlook/Teams/Word?

Moved this to a new topic, as it seems to be a separate issue.

Can you explain the issues you are seeing?

Note that there are various ways to copy in Agenda. You can copy as markdown, rich text, HTML etc. You might find one of these works better than the other with those other apps.

There is also the share menu which can send the data to other apps in various formats too.

If you explain what exactly you are trying to copy/paste, we may be able to help.

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Yes, essentially my issue is that I prefer using Agenda for note-taking (for obvious reasons) but I’m constantly needing to share the notes from Agenda out to other places such as Outlook, Teams, salesforce (pasting into a text field), etc. When I do so, generally my formatting such as bullets/indents, underlining/bolding, do not make the trip successfully.

I need a way to bring text both into Agenda and then back out of Agenda that will not allow this formatting loss to occur. I also need it to be relatively simple: as close to Comm-C / Comm-V as possible.

FWIW, I’m 99% certain there is a good way to handle this that is thoughfully built into Agenda. More than likely that I’m just not quite knowleagable about the diff formats/languages to know which options will get me there.

It would very much depend on the app you are pasting into. It may be worth trying Edit > Copy As… > HTML. That format has good support for lists, and if the other program supports HTML import, it could be a good option.

MS Outlook, MS Word, and then Salesforce fields. I’ll try the Copy As > html right now in Salesforce.