Format changed but not presented

What I did: Writing down notes including formatting. I would select a Heading or Minor Heading for a line of text.

What happened: The label would highlight, indicating the Heading selection was applied but the text was not formatted.

What I expected: Text to be properly formatted

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda v5.4, MacOS v10.14.4

Is this specifically happening when the text is currently in preformatted/fixed width style (as shown in the screenshot)? Or under certain other conditions?

I believe I found the culprit. A couple paragraphs above I had a block of normal text that had its last word pre-formatted using these back ticks (`).

I tried a couple things but I ultimately had to delete forward starting just before that escaped word. After that I was able to format everything properly, including that one escaped word.

Ah, ok good to know, leaving a hint at @drewmccormack here so he can verify if the behaviour can be improved or not.