Forcing Dropbox sync

What I did:
Made changes on Agenda for Mac. Agenda is synchronizing with Dropbox.

What happened:
When I opened Agenda on my iPad to reference those notes in a meeting, it took a long time for Dropbox to get engaged by the app and pull over the changes and additions.

What I expected:
When I open the app it should initiate sync right away so this can be avoided, or there should be a way to force sync such as pulling down on the notes list like one does in email and other apps.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest GA version of Agenda on all devices.

Sync happens very often, certainly when opening the app. There may have been a backlog of changes it needed to import. Often it is updating things even when you see no changes, because it is happening in other projects.

Once a device is synced up, changes usually come across very fast, so my advice would be to make sure the iPad is synced before the meeting.

Dropbox is also slower than iCloud, unfortunately. If you can use iCloud, I would recommend it.

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fwiw I’ve found iCloud sync to be incredibly fast. Like, I have my iPad sitting next to me while I’m typing a note on my Mac, and every few seconds I see the iPad updating.

I’ve in fact been able to edit the same note on two devices at the same time, without conflicts. There have been a couple times when there’s been some weirdness, but that has been when I’m actively typing on the same line on two devices within seconds of each other.

When demoing an app like Agenda, I need to do a lot of testing to make sure I can trust it to sync without losing information. And what I’ve found is that yes, I can “break” it when I’m very actively trying to do so – but it seems to sync much better than other similar-ish apps I’ve used, and in day-to-day usage I’m not worried about sync issues at all.

iCloud does seem to be a much faster sync mechanism for Apple devices than Dropbox, in every app I’ve tested.

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