Fonts don’t show correctly when typing

I’m afraid we don’t speak asian languages, so you would need to show me an example of exactly what the text should be like, and what it actually is like, and tell me how to get that text. Ie what would I need to tap on the keyboard, what keyboard etc.

Sorry to ask this, but the red underlined text doesn’t mean anything to me, so I can’t see what exactly is wrong.

Note that Agenda does use special markdown formatting options. Eg, a # followed by text is a tag. A @ followed by text is a person, text between _ or * is considered italic etc. Could it be that that has happened here? Some of the text has been treated as “markdown”?

When l type English words or numbers after Chinese words, they will show in different fonts.

As an graphic designer, it’s annoying.

And sometimes I lose words I already type, (and show a blank line), I think it’s the sync problem, but I’m not sure.


If you suspect a sync problem, at least make sure you are on the latest version on each device.

I’m afraid the font used for asian text is chosen by the Apple text frameworks in the system. It identifies that it is asian text, and automatically switches to something that makes it look OK for that language. I’m not even sure we can change that.

We will allow custom choices of fonts in future. You could perhaps choose a font for English that matches the Chinese font, so they are all the same.

Thanks for the feedback!
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