Font size in iPad Sidebar

I’m finding the font size in the iPad sidebar and the Related panel to be unnecessarily large. Also the icons are big.

This means I can’t see so many projects in the sidebar without scrolling.

Would be great to either have the size reduced by default or to have a font size select for the sidebars like there is for the notes.

We stick to the standard sizing for iPad as the primary interaction are finger touches, which need more space than a mouse (like on the Mac) or pencil.

Ah, that makes sense now.

Is it possible for the MAC VERSION of Left-Side Font to be changed accordingly or maybe individually, because when I am changing the size of my content, Left-side Font is fixed all the time. Which is too small on bigger screen, if we can change the left-side and Right-side font, it would be better for everyone to fit their own preference.
Which would be more reasonable if this feature could be realize on iPad or iphone version.

Thanks for the suggestion, yes, also on Mac we’d like to make this possible in a future update.

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