Font Color - pls make easier to be used

Making „choose font color“ easier accessable would be awesome. As you can tell … this is a live case … I have at least one report each day where I have several numbers I need to show (especially the trend (better (green) vs worse (red)) … to each number → and there is lots of them … it wastes so much time to be bound to the complicated way provided within the context menu … . Could you please make colors available much easier, so I can maybe even have simply already that colors within the first right click within the context menu … going down that whole path until I finally get the color (as it is right now) - is no fun at all… :frowning:

If you could make this much easier accessable would be highly appreciated. Thx.

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Thanks for the feedback, we have some ideas in this direction and some changes planned, we’ll take this along.

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+1 for this. I agree that the current method of changing the colour of fonts is just too long-winded using the menus (and even using the \ command list). The obvious idea (but I understand may be difficult to implement) would be for each note to have a mini text formatting bar with B/I/U and the colours - not all options, just the most common. Either that or give each colour a specific shortcut (at the moment I’m doing this using a GLOBAL short cut key using Mac System Settings, but it is buggy and not idea). So, would love to see progres on this :slight_smile:

We are planning to make some changes to all of this in the next update. A formatting bar is not something we feel fits the design of the app, but we have some other changes in mind that should help.

Have you had any more thoughts (or developments) on this ‘issue’? Thanks,Stu

Yes, in Agenda 17 things will improve. Stay tuned!