Folding Notes

Hi Agenda Team!

Amazing ongoing work.

One thing I have been thinking might be nice is the ability to fold notes, maybe via headings? By this I mean that one could collapse or expand content in order to control what is disclosed/shown at a given time.

Maybe not a super requested thing, but thought I’d throw this out there.




You can collapse an entire note (macOS) by selecting the note, double-clicking the area in the center of the top of a note.

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I was thinking more along the lines of folding a note’s content.

By way of example, I frequently take meeting minutes, and would love to be able to fold text with optional disclosure in “sections” that I write (such as Attendees, Agenda, each topic, Parking Lot, etc.).

Just a way of enhancing how I engage with my content.



Interesting idea. I have thought about this once or twice myself. Falls a bit in the field of summarizing a note (eg showing only check list items). This is something we are definitely looking at adding.


Folding is common in many outliner software apps.

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Neat! Some of my notes are rather long, open to any ways that make them a bit more consumable/scannable.



i am missing it too

Yes - when I turned to Agenda from OmniOutliner as my main outlining program, this is the feature that I miss the most. The structure of the note is note is not as firm in this app…

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Agenda is a free form note taker, and omnioutliner is an outliner, so there are differences in approach.

You can already get a lot of structure just using nesting. Agenda does support that. You can’t collapse sections, but you can nest to give a bit more structure to lists etc.

Can you expand on what you mean by that?

You can indent text using tab and shift-tab. You can do that for lists, to create sublists, but you can also do it for standard paragraphs and headings etc. That means you can use that indentation a bit like an outliner. You can’t collapse the text, but you can give it hierarchy.

Here is an example from my notes.

Okay, duh - now I feel stupid. I was thinking there was someway to combine the nesting with collapsing that I was missing. You were surprisingly helpful and quick to answer my question when you could have just said … “Have you met your tab key!?” :slight_smile:


It’s not being developed anymore, but FoldingText was a great example of something in between free form note taking and outlining. Could serve as an inspiration.


Sublime Text is quite good at folding text based on indentation. I find it incredibly powerful. It’s really for coding but can be wrangled into a lot of uses.

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