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Hello hello.
Love AGENDA! Have been using for years and love the features and tha fact that is synchronoised with the calendar in macOS. Happy to pay for such a product! and I am gald you have the one off payment as well!

One feature that is missing is a folder structure.
There is the a subcategory that you create, but that is always sitting outside of the main folder, at the bottom of all the folders, that is not convenient and doens help you categorise things.

Ideally I would like to follow the usual folder structure that you see in other apps. e.g.
PROJECT 1, then Folder 1 under project 1, then subfloder 1, under Folder 1, subfolder 2 (either under Folder 1, or embedded in subfolder 1, etc etc)
so as to easily search different projects, different people under Teams, different meetings etc etc, according to the job needs.

Is there any chance that you can include that feature?
Many thanks

Glad you like Agenda so much, sounds like you’re more looking for sub projects, but in essence there’s no difference because why not call the category “Project 1” in this case:

PROJECT 1 (category)
  FOLDER 1 (category)
    SUBFOLDER 1 category
      A  (project)
      B  (project)
      C  (project)
    SUBFOLDER 2 category
      D (project
  FOLDER 2 (category) 


The trick here is to simply make projects for “sub parts” of what in your head is one big project but what is modelled here as a category.

Note that you can still see all notes by command/shift clicking the various projects, which generates an overview with the notes of all those projects you select in the sidebar.

Plus, you can already select the three dots next to any category to select “Open in separate window” to quickly get an overview of all notes in that category (and its subcategories) in a separate window.

And even better, in the upcoming Agenda 19 you will also be able to search all notes that are part of a category.


Hi and thank you for your quick response.

The only thing that I am allowed to do with AGENDA is new category, add project in category, and add subcategory

Your solutions don’t solve the problem
Because the subcategory will always sit outside, at the bottom of every category and not as a subfolder to the project (which would have been ideal)

In addition I can never build for example a subcategory inside the subcategory…

Having multiple subfolders is something that is allowed in other apps…

Do you think you can this feature to the next update?

In the image you show something really nice that would work for me, but I cannot do that.
Could you maybe record how you do that and send me a video? Would be vety helpful.
Many many thanks

You can have as many subcategories inside another category as you want. Categories and Subcategories are what would be folders in other apps. We don’t have plans to add more dimensions as it would just complicated things in many different ways with little added benefit in our opinion.

btw, here’s an example of (some random) subcategories and how you can nest them:

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I also have the same problem. I think the solution the @Magda is trying to say is being able to collapse some projects into one. This will be much simpler.


Project 1
Project 2
Project 3
Project 4

Project 1
Project (collapse of 2 and 3) tap twice to expand and close.
Project 4

So it can be easy for navigating.

In agenda 19/20 with great navigation bar this should be possible in smart overview.

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Thank you so much! Yes this is what I was trying to say.
That they are not collapsed, hense they alwasy stay at the bottom…

Thanks, but this does not answer fully the question.
We would like to have at least one subfolder that will be collapsed.


  1. Developing Yak
  • Subfolder/subcatecory or call it as you like collapsed inside the Developing Yak
  1. High Tea Inc.
  • Subfolder collapsed inside the Hugh Tea Inc.

Could you please offer that at the next update? Would be so helpful for managing the categories!! Many many thanks

This is already possible with subcategories, though you have to unlock premium to get the subcategories.

The one thing you can’t do is change the order, and mix the subcategories with the projects, but they are genuine subcategories, and you can collapse them. So it would be possible to use them as you describe in Developing Yak. The only thing you couldn’t do is reorder them.

So I could make these categories…

Sample (Category)

Welcome (Project)
High Tea Inc (Subcategory)

High Tea Inc (Project)
Some other (Project)

thanks for your comment.

I have the premium version, but cannot make what you suggested in your example… the subcategories I create always go at the bottom and they are altogether, not collapsed… Will try again and come back.

Yes, they do go to the bottom of the parent category, but they should be inside of it. It always shows the projects first, then the subcategories.

If you collapse the parent, the subcategories should hide too.

If you don’t like having projects at the top, another approach is to setup your categories to either only contain other categories, or to only contain projects.

It’s not the same. Let’s say a have 4 projects in order to be done in one category.

Projects to launch :rocket:

If, the project 2 has to be divided into subcategories it will be organized wrongly.

Projects to launch :rocket:
2 Subcategory
1 Subproject of project 2
2 subproject of project 2

To fix this to day user like we don’t use categories, so it’s goes like

2 - first part
2 - second part

But it will be nicer if we are able to collapse 2 parts of 2. You guys can;
Use de existing methods of categorizing but change how it’s displayed letting us user see

2 Subcategory (collapse)
1 Subproject of project 2
2 subproject of project 2


Rethink how categories, subcategories and projects are organized to let we be able to create something like this as long as we want.

2 (collapse)
2.1 (collapse )
2.1.3 (collapse ) (collapse)

Sure, I realize it is not exactly the same. This is the model we have chosen, where projects and categories don’t mix. There are other apps that take a different approach.

We’ll take it along. Changing it would be quite a major project though.

Thanks for the feedback!