Folder hierarchy image on the left panel

Thank you to the whole team for such a beautiful application.
Since I want to install the system by adhering to the Apple ecosystem, I switched to Agenda last week from my notion + Tick Tick system.
As far as I can see, the AGENDA is the only note -taking application with two -way synchronization support with Apple calendar and reminders.
Everything is good right now.

I want to declare a request/criticism:
I think the image of hierarchical folders and files is not beautiful in the panel on the left side of the application.
Only a small inward tab appears subfolders.
I think this prevents us from choosing these folders and files. (with our eyes)
(According to my opinion)

It would be great once in a while if it is a line or the triangle that opens off.
(As a suggestion)

Greetings from Turkey…

For now, I found such a solution by adding emoji.
It was good!

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take it a long.

It’s always a balance between being explicit, and not introducing too much clutter/busy-ness. We tend to favor using whitespace instead of graphics to keep the app feeling clean and light, but we’ll think about it.

Kind regards,