Foldable text and fixed note length

Indeed foldable text sections is something we’re considering, not at the top of the list yet but something we hope to get to at some point./


(We don’t have a voting system for features. We already know very well what people want, simply because people post, or +1…)

“…Indeed foldable text sections is something we’re considering”


I would strongly support folding. I use Notion for this when presenting. Probably not too easy to implement, otherwise others would have gone further with this. However, Agenda is nothing if not go-ahead, so I wait in hope!


+1 for this :wink:


Toggles are used in Studying, you are able to quiz yourself by Hiding the answers. A quick, simple Anki on tap in your notes.
WorkFlowy works as a good example of the technology, it would be a sub component of the Agenda App(feature)



I would like to know if this feature is being added soon as well. It was first requested in 2018 I think. I am a lapsed subscriber. I lapsed because the rate of new features slowed to a crawl and I found that Agenda wasn’t keeping up with the competition. No backlinks, no foldable lists and so on.

I will resubscribe right now though if you say foldable lists are imminent as I now have a distinct use case for the app in my new job. But without this - I will stick to my existing tools, which all allow for this.

I’d be grateful for any updates.

Thank you!



I’m afraid we are not working on foldable lists at this point. We have been thinking about ways to do backlinks. I would expect that at some point.

We have added a lot of features since 2018. Of course, if it isn’t your pet feature, it is not much consolation.

Update: BTW, a lot of the need for foldable sections disappears in Agenda, because we have collapsible notes. If you put a list in a note, it is effectively foldable, because you can collapse the note. Would still be nice to have folding sections at some point, but the collapsible timeline compensates a bit.

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Hey there,

Thanks so much for your reply. That is such a shame about the foldable text. But I understand it must be hard to balance everyone’s needs. Just to clarify, and I don’t mean this to come across as a criticism but only an observation and to clarify why I said that development appeared to have slowed. Since my subscription lapsed over a year ago only 3 new features have been added:

  1. Templates
  2. Change look and feel of note
  3. Change table column alignment

All of the other updates have been refinements of existing features. All this is great! But, as I say, I don’t think it is necessarily keeping up with the competition, especially as there has been a massive renaissance of note-taking of late. I will always keep Agenda on my phone – it’s a beautiful app even though I won’t use it as my note-taker of choice. Thank you for making it – it really is a lovely app.


I don’t think that’s a fair remark, those are three premium features. We added for example tables altogether, not just aligning of columns, the possibility to add tables simply didn’t exist to begin with. That’s a massive feature in itself. Have a look at the release notes and I think you’ll see there really has been no slow down at all, on the contrary I’d say: Release Notes - #34 by mekentosj

Hi there,
I certainly didn’t mean to be unfair. And looking at the release notes it’s clear that LOADS has been going on. But when you look at the app, and the screen that says - you have purchased these features and these are new - that’s where I was looking. As opposed to looking at the release notes. So, it was only my perception based on that! I meant no offence.
Very best wishes,

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Yes, I think the confusion is just that not everything we do becomes a premium feature. Usually we will tackle a big feature, like Tables, and we will choose one aspect of that as the premium feature. So everyone gets tables free, but the premium customers get something extra, like column alignment.

I agree that if you just look at the features list, it may not seem as impressive as the complete release notes.

Thanks for the feedback! We will see what we can do with it.

+1 I‘ve been using Notion too. It’s perfect in use but has some major issues so I’m switching to Agenda.

It’s only my first day of using Agenda and switching over from Notion, it feels a bit unintuitive. Agenda lacks features like „toggle lists“ or text highlighting which would improve workflow and also overview. Collapsing the notes is also a bit annoying. Anyways, I have to use it more and learn the shortcuts first to make a fair judgement.

Welcome aboard, logically the first reactions when switching to a different app is often “why isn’t this like the app I came from”. I’d give it some time as often the workflows you settle on are different by nature. In terms of the things you mention, these are among the The features we are working on right now…

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+1 for ‘folding’ Toggle List from me too.

It’s one of the main things I really like in Notion.

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I’d like to add my +1 for foldable outlines. I’m finding I’m writing quite a bit of structured outlines in Agenda, and being able to hide parts of these outlines would help me gain clarity :blush:


+1 for folding as well. I have quite a lot of notes with a lot of content and folding parts of it would be great.


Revisiting this: is folding text within a note something coming for Agenda 14 or 15? Its definitely on top of my list and makes Agenda look bad when compared with some other competitors who already offer this, and some in a really advanced way.

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No planned for Agenda 14/15. Note that Agenda does allow you to collapse notes, which most apps don’t have. One way to get something approaching folding sections is to split your notes up in to shorter sections. Rather than one big note, have one note per section, or something like that.

We will keep folding sections in mind, but Agenda 14 and 15 are mostly developed already, and we are focussing on other aspects in those releases.


Thanks @drewmccormack and obviously I respect the fact that you have a plan and have given priority to other items. Now, of course what you are proposing can work but that’s not the way I want to have it. I really would like to have folding sections or blocks (like other applications have). Hopefully we will see you guys going that way.

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Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take it along and see if we can do something in future text editor updates.

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