Focus View

Focus view.

I use Agenda as project management for my clients, and often we have a weekly online meeting, where I share my screen. But even though I can collapse other Categories, the customer will still be able to see names on other categories, which often would be other clients’ names.

So if Agenda could have a Focus view, where I only showed the chosen Category with projects below, I imagen that I could open a new Agenda Windows with only this View, best if I could mark which project’s I would like to show, since a customer could have more than one Category with project and subprojects below.


We do have plans for a focused note feature where you could open (one or more) notes in a separate window.


Use codenames or a number for each clients area/category: “Client 25”.

Alternatively what I might do in a situation like that (just an idea) is to use the on-the-agenda as your “focus”.

I’m not sure if that would work for you, but you can keep each client under separate projects but then add them to the on-the-agenda view when in a meeting.

The one downside with that is If you have a lot of separate notes in each project for each client, you’d need to add each individual note each time and then take them out one at a time too. Unless theres a way to “bulk” add notes in a project to on-the-agenda?

On a different note, it would be nice to be able to select multiple items for actions. It would be a great help. Your response brought that to mind.

You can in fact select multiple notes and drag them to On-the-Agenda or Today in the sidebar. On iPadOS once you have a single note hovering you can add additional notes with your other hand to the selection and drag them in one go. On macOS the menu actions work on multiple selected notes as well.

By golly you can. Thx Alex. You didn’t mention the iPhone, but yes, it does work there too.

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Hah! Nice, I just tried it myself, thats neat, I did not know that

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How do I do this?

How do I do this?

Tap and hold a note with your finger until it starts hovering, then while keep on holding the note pressed, tap on a second note with a different finger (easiest by using your other hand), it should then be “added” to the selection.