Focus mode compatibility broken with last version

What I did: Try to select specific agenda categories in focus mode selector ( iOS parameters )

What happened: error message. Cannot connect to agenda. It occurs on my iPhone and my iPad. Didn’t try yet on my Mac .

What I expected: list of all categories for selecting specific ones for focus mode

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Very last version ( 18 believe ).

Any chance you are on a beta OS?

Hello. No I’m not ( iOS 16.6). Regards.

Thanks for the follow up, you were right, a change in iOS has broken the focus mode, I’ve fixed it now and it should be part of the upcoming update in two weeks. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks again for helping us fix the issue.

Hello, it is a pleasure but i just checked on mac version an it is the same. Sorry. Love your app anyway :grin:

If i can do anything else for helping you to fix this, just tell me. regards. A.M.

No problem, and I just checked that the fix indeed will indeed resolve the issue on both iOS and macOS.

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Hello. A last question. When i am on a specific focus mode , the « On the Agenda » view, always show all notes and not only the ones of the current focus mode ? In my case, i see « On the agenda » view, notes for work and notes for home mixed. This is not what i was waiting for ! Is this wanted or is this a bug ? Regards, A.M.

That’s indeed a current limitation, the focus mode only influences the sidebar, not the content of overviews. Currently this is on purpose as we don’t yet have a way to indicate that certain content is present but not currently shown in the overviews (like we do have an icon indicator in the sidebar).

Just checking…has this update been pushed out yet? am still seeing this issue.

No, I believe this one is still pending for the next update, which takes a bit longer than expected as things have slowed down a bit due to the vacation period…

Hello, any planning for that next update ?

We are just back from vacation, and working on the 18.1 update now.

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good luck guys !

Update: This issue should be fixed in Agenda 18.1

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