Focus Mode and additional windows

I use Agenda everyday, it’s at the core of my workflow. There are two related things which would make a step change in my experience:

  • A single keyboard command (and button or gesture on iPadOS) to close both side panels and hide other notes. This would not only make it easier to focus, but also make it speedier to reduce the screen space taken up by Agenda so I can use Agenda and another app side by side. (Closing the side panels with two separate operations at present is a continual niggle.)
  • The ability to have a note in a separate window so I can write in one note while referring to others. (Currently I often write in Textedit so I can refer to Agenda, and then copy the results from Textedit into Agenda).

I look forward to a typically elegant solution from the team in due course!


It sounds like you are describing pretty closely what we have planned for this. It has been on the roadmap for a while, but is getting nearer the top. Hopefully won’t be too long.


Although I strongly support both feature requests, depending on the degree of difficulty, I would prefer “A single keyboard command” before “a note in a separate window” (which I’m guessing will take a little more programming across all operating systems).