Focus Filters on Mac

I hope I’m not missing something obvious, but I don’t seem to have Focus Filters on Mac after updating to Ventura. Should this be working, or are you hoping to add support to this in later versions? Thank you

I have found the filter in the focus mode settlings and enabled this for a specific category, but unlike on the ipad of iphone, it is not filtering the list - all categories continue to show. A bug?

Have you followed the instructions shown here (they map 1-1 on Mac): Add COLOR to your NOTE-TAKING with Agenda 15 - YouTube ?

Does it help if you restart the app? And did you enable the focus mode in control centre?

If so, can you make a screenrecording of some screenshots showing what you describe?

Sorry, my bad! I needed to add the Focus Filter on Mac too, separately. All working now. Thank you for your help

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