First note in project has overwritten title

What I did: editing

What happened: suddenly had a overwritten title, see attachment, very little else I can tell you. The first note in each project has the same problem, deleting note has no effect when a new note is created it has the bug.

What I expected: no overwriting

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest version, IOS 11.4, running on iPad Pro

Additional, I am unable to edit the title and the date selector, in upper right corner is also overwritten and non-responsive.

It’s a known layout problem that we’ve finally managed to reproduce and fix two days ago, it should be resolved in the next update. For now, just quit the app by bringing up the list of apps, and swiping Agenda to the top. Then launch it again. Sorry for the trouble.

Okay, thanks, how do I close this topic

There’s no need, others might hit the same issue and find it useful.