Finding a note by creation date

Hi! Is it possible to find a note by creation date?

I’ve got a missing note. I know when I created it; but I suspect I might have created it in a random project, and probably didn’t associate it with the diary event for that meeting. What I’d like to do is to see all notes written last Friday.

At the moment, I think the data search shows all events with an attached date of last Friday; but it’s easy to accidentally not attach a date - or to unattach it. A search by creation date would be very useful!



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Can you just go back to that day using the switch arrows up next to the magnifyer (top right) to jump back in time and all the notes created that day will be there?

I just went back through the days and my notes are exactly where I left them based on the day.

Hope it helps.


We don’t yet have a search for creation date, I’m afraid. The search will indeed only work with attached dates.

Is there some text that you could perhaps search for in the note?

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Also, you might want to use the Recently Edited panel inspector for this, certainly if you are looking for notes created in the last few days they are usually not far down in the list (you can scroll the list to go further back in time).