Filter show/hide calendars and style

Thanks for the update.

  1. I am wondering if it’s possible to add click buttons next to Done to show/hide available calenders to make it easier to focus on the different events on the right panel. (see snapshot)

  2. could you add please a way to show the events in the right panel as boxes instead of a list of events. it becomes difficult to see overlapping events in the current view. in the attached image I have two events that are running in the same, however, it is much easier to see the overlapping time between the two events in box style.

Thanks, HM

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll think about being able to filter on calendar indeed, I can see that being useful. Regarding a more-calendar like view, I think that’s going to far into the scope of the calendar app and out of scope for Agenda.

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thanks for your reply.
I was looking all the time for a program the can integrate time and notes together. The idea is not about taking notes, it is about tracking notes for a longer time period while combining different sources of information (email, notes, meetings, time, todo lists, reminders). Anyone who is working from home must have such a program.

Thanks again