Filter by date behaviour confusing

What’s the intended behaviour of filter? I’m finding it confusing.

I start the day with the filter showing ‘next 10 days’ or ‘next month’ etc.

But at some point the calendar starts showing dates from the past. I presume this is because I’ve opened a note that is dated in the past and the calendar is now centred on that date. Is this supposed to happen?

I then try to get the calendar centre on today again. Sometimes there’s a small circle to the right of the filter, clicking this goes to today. But sometimes that circle is absent, and I have to reset the filter.

Does the filter also influence what notes are shown? or just the calendar entries?

Part of my problem is that I’m not sure what is supposed to be happening, so may be what I want is perfectly simple - and I just don’t now how.

But what I want is:

  • for the calendar to stay centred on today, showing future events ad infinitum
  • if I navigate to an older note I want the calendar to remain centred on today.
  • If I scroll back in the calendar to find an event and then jump to the associated note, I want to be able to re-centre on Today with one click, without have to reset the filter.

I can see that it could be useful for the calendar to centre on the date of a particular note, but it’s not something I’ve needed. However, so long as I can quickly re-centre the calendar on today (showing future events) it’s not a problem for me.

How’s this supposed to work?

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Are you resetting the filter or just leave it active over various days? If you don’t clear the filter and again activate it daily it could explain things as we don’t (yet) automatically refresh these filters at midnight.

Ah, I see what you mean now, you are talking about the calendar filter. This filter indeed resets if you select a note that has been assigned to a date outside the filtered range.

Thanks for clarifying. Would be good if the circle to refocus the calendar on Today was always visible.

It should be always visible when today or part of today is not visible in the calendar, are you seeing conditions where this is not the case?

Yes! A note dated 2 Oct is active, Today is not visible in calendar, and no circle to refocus on today.

Ah I see, yes, the circle is in this case point at the selected note, but I agree, It’s more logical to always point at today. It’s on my list to look into this and think of a better solution.

Thank you!

I am not sure, that it’s more logical to always point at today. If I select a dated note, than it’s good to see this day in the inspector. And after scrolling in the timeline, maybe I want to jump back to the date of the selected note.
But I see, that it is usefull to have the option “go to Today” too.

Maybe it is the better and more flexible way, to have an option to fix a filter, so that it remains, even if you chose a note that has been assigned to a date outside the filtered range.
So I can set the filter to “this week” and fix it, and than jump around in my notes and organize my week.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll take it along!